We solve any Disputes with the Pension Fund of Russia

Disputes with the Pension Fund of Russia
It is possible to restore a justly deserved pension even if there is no information confirming the length of service or information on payment of insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for a particular period
In addition to the pleasure to reap the benefits of the working period of our lives, various pension reforms and other nuances associated with state and non-state pension funds bring to our lives many problems associated with the fair appointment of pensions.

We will be happy to help you resolve all the difficulties associated with the following issues:

- Refusal to assign a retirement pension
- Refusal to assign an early pension;
- Incorrect calculation of labor pension;
- The period of work necessary for calculating an early pension is not included in the total length of service;
- The name of the position and specialty in the work book is not identical to the name of the position and specialty provided for by the pension legislation for calculating the retirement pension ahead of schedule, etc.