We solve any Disputes with property developers

Disputes with developers
Identified defects in 80% of cases are construction violations.  For their elimination, the property developers is obliged to allocate funds under the law.  

Allocated funds you can spend at your discretion, whether it is paying off a mortgage, repair, buying a car or traveling

The principle is quite simple:

Our partner conducts a professional inspection of the apartment for the purpose of examination;

We turn to the construction company with a complaint, to which, most often, the developer does not react in any way;

In court, money is collected from the developer.

Of particular pleasure is the fact that payment for our services is carried out upon a court decision.

Categories of collection from developers:

 1. Defects at delivery

 2. Inconsistency of the result of work on time

 3. Error in square meters

 4. The developer takes the money for obtaining permission to transfer under the equity agreement.

If you find the following defects during the warranty period within 5 years after the transfer of the apartment, then feel free to dial our number or leave a request
  • Problems with plumbing or heating systems
  • Uneven coloring of walls and ceiling
  • Unevenness on any surface
  • Freezing windows and walls
  • Different shades of wallpaper and linoleum, uneven seams
  • Incorrect installation of entrance and interior doors