We solve any Disputes in the field of Housing and communal services

Dispute in the housing and communal services
Our home is our fortress.

True, often, our fortress is intentionally / unintentionally attacked by its neighbors, and the defender of the fortress - the management company, performs its function in bad faith.
If your neighbors:

- Shout;
- Noise;
- Rattle;
- Bark;
- Dry up;
- Dirty;
- Smoke on the landing;
and disturb your peace in other unpretentious ways,

and Management Company:

- Does not fairly calculate utility bills;
- Poorly performs repair, construction work;
- Or just robbing

then you came to the address!

We will definitely help in situations when the Criminal Code has done harm to your health or property, for example:
  • Snow / icicles fell from the roof of the house on you or your car
  • You slipped at the entrance. Health damage caused
  • Child injuries in the event of unsafe construction on the playground