Will provide Transaction support in the territory of the Russian Federation

Support of transactions in the territory of the Russia
The legislation of each country has its own peculiarities, so when entering a business on the international scene, it is necessary to take into account many nuances.
When entering into transactions with a foreign counterparty, an entrepreneur should remember that the Russian legal norms and laws of another country can have significant differences in interpretation.  

It is important for partners to determine the law to be applied in a particular transaction and agree on all the terms of the agreement without violating each other's interests.

- We offer the following services for foreign organizations in the Russian Federation:
- Registration of legal entities with foreign participation in the Russian Federation;
- Representation of interests of companies in judicial and administrative bodies;
- Legal support of mergers and acquisitions;
- Support of the activities of a foreign company on the territory of the Russian Federation on an ongoing basis;
- Advice on specific issues of application of the legislation of the Russian Federation.