We solve any Land disputes

Land disputes
We will help to resolve the situation with land disputes both in court and in pre-trial procedure!
The list of situations, as well as the legislative framework related to land disputes, is incredibly voluminous in content.  We will not bore you with the legal aspects of land - property relations, but give a few examples that are most often encountered in our practice:

- Registration of land ownership;
-  Division of land between owners;
- Reducing the cadastral value of land;
- Preparation and execution of contracts for the sale of land, related documents;
- Removing obstacles to the use of the land (not related to the deprivation of the right to own);
- Disputes regarding the lease of land;
- Recognition and establishment of the right to use the site;
- Legal support in obtaining cadastral registration;
- Determining the procedure for using the land;
- Changing the boundaries of the land both with a decrease and an increase in the area of ​​the plot itself;
- Allocated a share of the land in kind.

And much more!  If you did not find your situation above, leave a request, we will help you figure it out.